Why Join the RCA Team?

multiSince 2003, the Reformed Church has planted hundreds of churches. We’ve gained a lot of practical knowledge about how to successfully plant new churches and grow existing ones. We’ve learned the value of partnering with others to change people’s lives through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

Through this work and partnership, the RCA has added more than 15,000 new people to our churches. We want to continue that growth in a big way within communities of color. It’s part of our vision of a highly diverse, multicultural expression of Christianity.

Far too many churches are still experiencing an atmosphere of separatism and racism. We’re building a large team of African American, Caribbean American, and other black leaders who will join with us to make a significant difference.

If you have an existing congregation that’s looking for a denominational home that will support your efforts, the RCA walks to talk with you. If you’re a Christian leader and God is calling you to open something new for the glory of Christ, the RCA wants to talk with you.

What does it mean to partner with the RCA? We offer:

  • Training (on site and by video conferencing)
  • Organizational support
  • Ongoing mentoring and coaching
  • Structure and accountability
  • Goal-oriented and benchmark-based financial support
  • Continuing education for clergy and lay people
  • Denominational resources
  • A relationship-based leadership environment

We are all about growing God’s kingdom. The whole kingdom.

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