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pete watts
I would encourage people of color to work with the RCA because they are sound doctrinally, have a vision of a prepared future free of racism, and they have a heart for urban ministry. The RCA provides strategic support for new planters of color in urban areas to help them think through their model for their context.

—Pete Watts

The R.O.C.K. Church, Los Angeles, California



God has connected me with a denomination that has great roots in its theological pedigree and at the same time has a growing responsiveness to the needs of the mission in the urban context. So you have this solid historical and theological framework that is sensitive to the creativity that needs to happen in church planting to be relevant to the community that I serve.

—Larry Austin

Oakland City Church, Oakland, California




Terry Tyson – Lead Planter, Resurrected Life

St. Louis, MO

Shirley Byrd – Planting Leader

St. Louis, MO

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