Empowering Leaders and Communities

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Planting new churches is the most effective way to introduce people to Jesus Christ. Empowering leaders to start sustainable, growing congregations is key to positive community transformation. The RCA stands firmly on these beliefs.

The RCA has made it a priority to partner with people of color, and African Americans in particular, to start hundreds of new churches. Together, we can lift up the name of Christ. The life-changing love of Christ can transform communities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Nothing can match the impact of dynamic, diverse church planting on the lives of people searching for answers.

We need your help. We need dreamers who can see beyond the ways things are, to envision the ways things could be. We need people who will carry those dreams into reality. We need teams of leaders who, under the banner of Jesus Christ, will grow the oldest denomination in North America into a profound example of racial and ethnic diversity that echoes Revelation 7:9. This vision is guided by God calling the RCA to a multicultural future freed from racism.

An important foundation for these goals comes from the Belhar Confession. It calls the Christian church to unity, reconciliation, and justice in the face of inequality.

Read our scriptural foundations for church planting.

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